Our Services

Our staff can conduct original research or support your existing research project.

We provide a wide range of expertise including:

  • Client, employee and community surveys to assess awareness of and satisfaction with your services
  • Evidence-based education and outreach program design and planning
  • Bringing research together with the application of Social Marketing principals for behavior change
  • Web, mail and phone-based survey design and administration
  • Data analysis and statistical interpretation
  • Report writing and graphics production
  • Focus Group development, recruitment and facilitation
  • Key stakeholder interviews and qualitative analysis
  • Training for organizations in how to set up and conduct their own evaluation and research.

Featured Projects

Since 2009 ARN has conducted evaluation research in over 80 national parks on behalf of the National Park Foundation.
The foundation provides funding to National Park Service units through a series of programs including Active Trails, America’s Best Idea, Park Stewards and Parks Climate Challenge. ARN works with the parks, their community partners and the foundation to assess program activities and outcomes for their visitors and program participants. The complexity of the work cannot be overstated.
  • Multi-site administration (as few as eight or as many as 48 per program) with unique aspects to each site’s program design and implementation
  • Diverse participants – age, ethnicity, culture, geography
  • Multiple stakeholders – funders, foundation, parks, community partners, participants
  • Multiple modes – online surveys, pen and paper questionnaires, telephone interviews, group discussions
  • See more about the National Park Foundation and their programs
ARN has been an integral part of the NWESD Mathematics and Science Partnership grants, informing program design and evaluation throughout the course of the projects.
Each project has included taking innovative approaches to integrating increased science and math experiences for teachers while providing them with tested pedagogical skills shown to improve student understanding of Math and Science. Assessment and evaluation has included:
  • Teacher training and knowledge acquisition
  • Qualitative and quantitative formative program
  • Teachers’ use of training skills in the classroom
  • Student attitudes and knowledge
  • Click here for our most recent project